Internazionale Captain Javier Zanetti was interviewed by Italian sport paper Tuttosport and he spoke about his team moment, and, as a good captain always does, defended it. Inter must have a reaction: “We are not in a crisis, Saturday against Brescia we have to win”. Against Le Rondinelle he will be the only available midfielder of Benitez team: “ I have never been in a similar situation before, but I’m still calm and confident”. Why Inter did bad in this first moment of the season: “We have got a new coach, who brings his own work method. We won Italian Super Cup, we are the followers of Lazio n Serie A, and in UCL we did better than last year”. What Inter has to do? Winning as we did on Genoa. We have to win against Brescia and Lecce. So we can face Milan in a better situation. We are waiting to  be one hundred percent”. On Tuesday you said that this wasn’t the real Inter. What did you really want to say? “I would say that we were not 100% per cent. I want to be judged when we are completed in every part of the pitch”.

Would have thought about those problems, after Mourinho: “Many things are changed. We must understand that Benitez ideas need time to be assimilated. Also we must understand that now stars a new chapter in Inter history”. Did you see Mourinho on Milan, last Wednesday: “Yes, I did. It was good seeing him in our own stadium, where we have never lost”. Also Zanetti, AIC testimonial, invites us to give our  contribution for the research against cancer and announced that very soon will be a news pitch, in Argentina, for the kids of his Fundacìon Pupi.

Sezione: FcInterNews in English / Data: Ven 5 Novembre 2010 alle 12:55
Autore: Alberto Casavecchia
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