"Hello,Redazione FcInterNews!! I am writing because i am begging to Mister Mourinho our biggest coach ever to bring with him to Inter Cristiano Ronaldo in next 2 or 3 years because i think next year he will stay to Real but he can convincie him to come at Inter and it will be exellent if he comes at Inter with Mourinho too.I think that next 2 or 3 years Inter would be the best group ever because is operating very good in mercato with the young players such as:Coutinho,Castaignos,Livaja,Houston,Alborno,Sanchez and Ronaldo would be the perfect player for the Inter of the future hope that we get Leo Messi too because he is a legend and we love him and Mister Moratti likes him a lot, thank you very much. Grande Inter...Nella Gioia E Nel Dolore Per L'Inter Eterno Amore!"


Sezione: Visti da Voi / Data: Sab 23 aprile 2011 alle 12:00
Autore: Redazione FcInterNews
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