Tomorrow night Internazionale is going to face Sampdoria for the last match in day 8 and this morning Rafa Benitez met, as usual, the crowd of journalist at Appiano to speak about the following match and different topics on Inter’s world.

What kind of Sampdoria do you expect on tomorrow?

A very angry team that will try to punish us thank to counterattacks.

How about Thiago Motta?

He is good and i spoke to him some hour ago. I decided to put him out and to not risk him. We have got so many matches. It’s my decision

What do you think about Coutinho and Biabiany defensive game on the wings?

Coutinho is not a wing, so he is doing a good work. Both of them could be better on the defensive game, even Eto’o. I’m happy because we are very dangerous in attacking. The whole team must improve in the defensive game.

Managing Director and General Manager Paolillo said that Inter will purchase two man. In which role will you focus on?

I don’t walk to talk about this before the match

Any news for Tomorrow?

We have got some returning stars, but we lost Stankovic. We won’t change too much.

How about Milito’s conditions?

Seem to me he could come back next week. He’s working good.

Did you watch on tv, on Chiambretti Night program, Julio Cesar ‘s interview? He said good stuff about you?

I didn’t watch it, but I know that him was messed up for last Champions League match against Tottenham. I’m very proud of it because he knows that he has to improve and so he works on it.

How much Sampdoria changes compared to last year?

This year Is more important that the last one. It will be very hard to find some space, they have a balanced tactical module. They have got skill and are good on counterattacks.

Are you happier for the three different scorers or for the three goals conceded at the end of the last match, against Tottenham?

The first thing is positive. I always say to Stankovic shooting on target because has skills. Then it’s clear that I’m not happy for the final problem, but we did bad in the final 2 minutes.

How do you feel after this first months of Italy?

I found team more tactics than the Spanish of English ones. I like to much this kind of games, because I can improve. In Champions League we did good. It was a hard match against Tottenham and so will be on London. We are very good in Champions.

Would make the same substitutions against Tottenham?

I didn’t think about tactics, but I thought about players. 4-0, eleven against ten I wanted to try something new, but is about mentality and not about tactics. I spoke to my men, too, about this topics. 1-0, eleven versus eleven, we would not have done like that.

Will you bring handcuff on Sunday?

No, I won’t. I’m going to wear glasses. I don’t’ see too good.

May we see you making the handcuff mark?

No, I don’t. Sometimes I get very angry, but I think it will be hard for a referee watching everything.

Did fear another Istanbul against Tottenham?

No, I was angry, not afraid. There was not time to equalize.

Did you recall some episode when you gets anger for some referee decisions?

It was on Madrid and I was training Alicante, many years ago. They sent me off, but now it would not be happen.

When Stankovic will be back?

We must wait for a bit. We have to understand his problem, but I put my trust in the medical staff.

Do you think to have the strongest team in Italy and Europe?

We must wait for February and will see if we are going good. We are in good position in the Championship. We have been talking about our problems. The year after the World Cup is one of that. We created a lot of possibilities to score and so it’s important. I think that the team can improve .

What about Pandev? Is him a case?

There is no a Pandev case.

Does Cassano deserve a big team?

They warned me about this question… He’s got skill and can play anywhere. Now he play for an important. He’s doing well.

What do you think about Rooney’s case?

I don’t want to speak now.

Which team is expressing the best kind of playing?

Everyone has his idea of good playing. For me is having the ability in the short and long passes. In some matches you have got to wait, other match you have to control the ball. A Spanish columnist, some months ago,  ask that is better a sombrero or a tunnel? If you ask me which Italian team I like, I would say Inter.


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