His hat-trick on Wednesday has brought a new wave of rumours regarding a possible arrival at Inter, hypothesis already introduced in the past summer market. But from London the response to these rumours seems clear: Gareth Bale is not going anywhere. The first to build this concept has been Harry Redknapp who in a recent press conference has made it clear he intends to keep Bale.

Now the assistant coach of the Spurs, Joe Jordan, has felt the need to follow the example set by his boss: “Bale is more 'not-for-sale' today than he was yesterday. He wants to remain because he knows he can get a playing chance here. He will become stronger than he already is.” Last but not least, the last person to add to this soap opera was Tottenham's president, Daniel Levy, who states: “He is not going anywhere this year.” Not this year, but maybe the next one?

Sezione: FcInterNews in English / Data: Ven 22 ottobre 2010 alle 13:01
Autore: Leonardo Peruzzi
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