After the few moments of panic he delivered to the Inter staff and to the fans, Thiago Motta answers Inter Channel's questions regarding the matter: “During an action, right after a run, I felt pain in my knee. I stopped immediately, but the doctor informed me it was just a residue of the previous injury and in fact it disappeared as soon as I re-entered the field. I am happy and satisfied, I really hope it is nothing more than a minor pain. I am sure there is nothing serious behind it, I am looking forward to being part of the squad again, I love it here. All I am missing is match-practice to get back into the best possible shape and reach the level of the rest of the team. I wanted to play well from the start, but today I was missing the rhythm necessary to play at these levels although I have a lot of good will and faith for the future. It seems clear to me that the team appears strong and unified, from the outside just as well as from the inside. Here we have a group full of quality as well as dedication, if we continue on this path we are destined for another great season.

I have felt a lot of attention towards my return, for that I thank everyone. I have responsibilities, I am aware of that, but I am not alone. 20 or 22 players that play here are are of extreme importance, and all are ready to play when Benitez calls on them. This is how football is, eleven aside and the rest sit out, but there is always a need for responsibility from all players. I feel the warmth of the people that believe in me, and I thank the fans again for this.

Sezione: FcInterNews in English / Data: Dom 17 ottobre 2010 alle 22:55 / Fonte: Translation by Leonardo Peruzzi
Autore: Christian Liotta
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